The Variety of Life


A huge variety of creatures, from bears to butterflies, slugs to sharks, are described, compared and illustrated in this outstanding picture book. Zoologist Dr Nicola Davies offers respectful, thorough information about the habits and habitats of the creatures selected, their individual differences, peculiarities and threats.

The Variety of Life’ is a fulsome, respectful and thoroughly informative title. It is the sort of reference book upon which I would linger over, thinking, considering, learning and loving.

There is a surge of popularity and growing respect for informed non-fiction books in the age of unfiltered ‘news’. Nicola Davies’ educated titles are a great place to start for any reader looking for something to dip into and return, read and reread, compare, learn and enjoy. Bookwagon recommends ‘The Variety of Life‘ to our readers.

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The Variety of Life

Nicola Davies, illustrated by Lorna Scobie

(Hodder Children’s Books)- hardback

In ‘The Variety of Life‘, zoologist and esteemed picture book writer Dr Nicola Davies explores some of the many wonderful creatures on our planet. With enticing watercolour pictures by Lorna Scobie, and clear, respectful text, this is a superb non-fiction book. ‘The Variety of Life‘ is a title to keep, give and read frequently.


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