The Visitor


Elise lives a fearful life behind grey shadows. Everything frightens her. When a blue paper dart flies through the window, she is perplexed and terrified. The following day, determined knocking penetrates her confinement. She opens the door a little….

‘The Visitor’ wants his paper plane, to visit the bathroom, to explore, to have a story. Somehow, little by little, his curiosity and energy fragment Elise’s fear. The colour comes into her life.

The Visitor‘ is a magnificent book. The levels of meaning are rich, yet there are many subtleties in the story-telling too. The picture collage layers of flat shadowed card are almost emotional. When colour arrives in the story, and thus Elise’s life, we are stimulated and awed.

‘The Visitor‘ is recommended for reading, sharing, small group work and discussion, philosophy and emotional support.

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The Visitor

Antje Damm

(Gecko Press)

The Visitor’ makes his presence known first through a blue paper dart. It scares Elise. Everything scares Elise. She is hidden in a lifeless, shadowed world of foreboding. What does ‘The Visitor‘ want with Elise? His dart? Or something more? What will happen if Elise allows ‘The Visitor’ to pass through the door into her domain?


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