The War that Saved my Life


From her window Ada can see the children outside. Sometimes she waves to them. She worries when her little brother plays outside for she is responsible for him and is forbidden from leaving the house. When Jamie is one of the many thousands of children to be evacuated from London, Ada knows she must go with him. Her incarceration, disability and ignorance should impede her. How is she to know that her determination to look after Jamie and overcome the odds set for her by her mother will ‘save her life’?

In Kent with Susan, Ada begins to grow and trust. We see her revealing herself and beginning to realise opportunities and possibilities.

The War that Saved my Life‘ is an outstanding book. I could not put it down. It is ideal for children learning about WWII but recommended for anyone who appreciates character-rich, perfectly researched and plotted novels.

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The War that Saved my Life

Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

(Text Publishing)

The War that Saved my Life‘ is not only one of the best children’s books about the British child’s WWII experience I have read, but one of the finest realisations of childhood through adversity. This is an outstanding work of children’s fiction that we recommend highly.

Newbery Honor award winner

Winner of the Schneider Family Book Award

Josette Frank Award


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