The Way Past Winter


Mila breaks the word of the jarl in following her dreams and the words in her head. Rune tells her to listen, that she is capable of magic. Mila knows her brother Oskar has not left his sisters, but has been seized. She does not trust the visitor who intruded on them, asking for food, fire and shelter. There is something about his eyes, his bearing, his questions, and the sinuous gold cord about his person.

Mila determines to join Rune and travel to ‘The Way Past Winter’, fighting wise women’s words, wolves and the stranger’s knowledge of her. It is a daring, dangerous, unknown trek, but Mila fears she has no other choice.

This is an ice-gripping masterclass in storytelling. ‘The Way Past Winter‘ is a truly spine chilling, wondrous story of magic, legend, long ago and wonder.

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The Way Past Winter

Kiran Millwood Hargrave

(Chicken House)

Deep in the forest, past the heart tree, Mila lives with her sisters and brother. Papa left some years ago, and the children have fended for themselves. Mila is wary of the stranger seeking permission to start a fire and stay the night. Her temples pulse in pain and warning. When her brother disappears, she is certain the stranger has captured him. It sets in motion Mila’s  dangerous chase to the North, to ‘The Way Past Winter‘, trusting magic, instinct and legend.


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