The Wild Robot


‘The Wild Robot‘, Roz crash-lands upon an island paradise. Lush flora and fauna, an entirely unique and supportive ecosystem thrives. What will she make of it? What will the islanders make of her? Is she threat or nurturer? Who is she?

Roz learns about herself and a community as she settles upon the island. Meanwhile, the animal life, especially her gosling charge, cherish her generosity and openness, her willingness to learn about their community.

When the island is threatened, Roz and the animals become a formidable unit, fighting to save what they have built.

‘The Wild Robot’ is an exceptional parable/ novel, charged with values, insight and empathy. Peter Brown’s graphic images promote the evocative story. We recommend ‘The Wild Robot‘ highly to readers of all ages.

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The Wild Robot

Peter Brown

(Piccadilly Press)

What will ‘The Wild Robot’, Roz, discover on the island upon which she has crash landed? What will the wonderful inhabitants of the island make of her? Could this become a rare and wonderful relationship between nature and technology? Can a robot nurture? Will this luscious landscape of flora and fauna survive invasion?
The Wild Robot’ is a unique, memorable and glorious story. We love it and recommend it highly.

North Somerset Book Award winner, NY Times Bestseller, ALA Notable Book for Children, NY Public Library Best Books for Kids’ Pick, Kirkus Best Children’s Books of the Year.



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