The Wild


The Wild gifted seasons. ‘It showed the way for swans in the air… for wildebeest across the land… and for whales in the sea.’ Then again ‘it could be still’ for the sleeping flora and fauna across a winter landscape Furthermore, it ‘gave twigs for sparrows to make their nests… earth for foxes to dig their burrows.. and everything people needed for their homes‘. In fact,  it seemed as though The Wild would always have enough? Until it doesn’t…

While people trod lightly once and took their share, there came a point when The Wild could give no more. There was nothing left. Ploughing, mining, draining, burning, dumping, building played their parts in the destruction of deep greens and bright whites. Will nobody notice? Shout, STOP!

Alongside such a plaintive, poetic text of our Earth’s history and state, Yuval Zommer presents elegiac, glorious, symbolic pictorial landscapes. They move this Bookwagoneer to tears.

Bookwagon loves and recommends The Wild. It is an exceptional picture book, recommended to every reader.

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The Wild

Yuval Zommer

(Oxford University Press)

‘Once upon our time,/ somewhere not far away, was The Wild‘. It seems this space offers everyone a place and welcomes all. What’s more, its vastness includes magnificent land and green, to ‘shallow shore[s]’ and ‘deep ocean[s]’. However its hugeness  is unrestrained so that there are ‘great and wonderful‘ rushes ‘of wind and rain and melting snow‘ and seasons that dictate the flight of swans, wildebeest and whales. Just think of The Sea Swallow and the Humpback Whale
What’s more this astounding setting gives everyone just enough so that there’s respect and people ‘live lightly; However, what if this vast, rich generosity is taken for granted, sot that there’s a thought that ‘there will always be enough for us‘? Could it be that a child might open its window to realise that The Wild‘s hurting? That ‘there will only be enough for us all if we take care of it’?
Yuval Zommer‘s outstanding picture book is a rallying call, a bold, urgent SHOUT to us to look, learn and move. The Wild is beautiful, a book that merits reading, sharing, knowing about and gifting. We are proud to welcome this picture book aboard.


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