The Winter Wish


Although there are only eleven days until Christmas, William is not feeling excited. It seems that there are not enough visitors to his family bookshop, Words of Wonder. 

Although there are jars of home-made gingerbread on the counter for customers who choose to browse, alongside squash sofas where you might share a story, few people call in. Then again, this bookshop takes ‘you to faraway places‘ with books. There are books ‘filled with delicious dishes and beautiful picture books with jewel-bright pages‘ too!

How might William encourage customers to call? Might it take a special ‘winter window‘ with a ‘leafy reindeer with twig antlers’? Then again, might something more be needed? Could it be that there’s a ‘special kind of magic’ about Words of Wonder that might encourage Bracken, a real life reindeer, to invite William and Rufford to climb his sleigh to bedeck the town in splendour as has never ever been imagined? Might the magic that Bracken shares be enough?

Bookwagon loves this encouraging, magical, beautiful Christmas themed picture book. What’s more, we recommend The Winter Wish as a perfect choice to snuggle down to, to linger over and then to gift too.

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The Winter Wish

Helen Mortimer & Rachael Dean


It seems Words of Wonder, William’s family bookshop is no longer attracting visitors. Although there are ‘squashy sofas where you [can] share a story with Rufford’ in this ‘cosy, warm and piled high with books’ bookstore, it’s in trouble.
Although there are ‘books that [take] you to faraway places, book- filled with delicious dishes’ and ‘picture books with jewel-bright pages‘ there are not enough customers. Therefore, what is to be done? It seems the ‘little shop’ might not be able to keep going ‘much longer’. In fact, it might be that Words of Wonder might ‘close by Christmas’.
There are eleven days until Christmas. Is it possible that William might save the shop?
Helen Mortimer, whom we know from the wonderful Enzo, the Swallows and Me, offers a Christmas heart warmer with The Winter Wish. What’s more, her tender hopes and dreams are presented evocatively by Rachael Dean. We love the Scandinavian black and white edged and shadowed illustrations. Then again, William’s night time journeys with Bracken are glittered with ‘a special kind of magic‘. Altogether, it suggests that The Winter Wish is a superb choice as a Christmas book to read together and cosy into, alongside being a perfect gift!



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