The Witch’s Boy


The village’s interpretation of the tragedy that casts Ned as the surviving twin seems to determine his fate, i.e., that ‘the wrong boy lived.’ When Aine’s bandit king father’s greed threatens his family and intrudes upon Ned’s small community, Ned is forced to confront his fears, reputation, truth – and the bandit king’s daughter.

This wonderful book is spine-tingling, commanding, fast paced, and a step beyond most other books for confident, capable readers. I love it! Kelly Barnhill is a superbly capable and inspired writer.

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The Witch’s Boy

Kelly Barnhill

(Algonquin Young Readers)

The skin of The Witch’s Boy quivers in anticipation. It seems like the magic is palpable, the emotion raw and pitched. Kelly Barnhill mesmerises the reader in this spell tingling book. Is it possible, that Ned, the supposed weakling, the surviving twin, might save the village? The bandit king seems to hold all the cards! Then there’s his daughter….
Kelly Barnhill won the Newbery Book award with her wonderful The Girl Who Drank the Moon. It seems her books take us deep inside ourselves and then into something Tim Burton- like, possible and yet impossible. Her writing is rich and enticing and so moving!  Bookwagon recommends The Witch’s Boy highly to its readers.


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