The Wolf and the Fly


Wolf is feeling peckish. He scans his shelves for things he might eat. However, this is an odd selection and does not really look as though it offers anything wolfishly suitable. Yet it seems that nothing will hold Wolf back! What might he choose?Let’s guess and thereafter turn the page to see whether Wolf is satisfied. What if his ‘tummy keeps rumbling so he chomps up’…. 

The odd assortment on the shelves is rather wary. While there are some inanimate objects, there’s a fly and a …. None is named offering lots of opportunity for young readers to identify, choose and thereafter exclaim at their disappearance! However, what if Wolf might take a nap, only to reappear and select even more?

The Wolf and the Fly is a curious, mesmerising, perfectly considered and created picture book for very new readers. It will result in them wanting to read it again and again. Bookwagon suggests The Wolf and the Fly would be a delicious selection for any newer reader’s bookshelves!


The Wolf and the Fly

Antje Damm, translated by Catherine Chidgey

(Gecko Press)- board book

The Wolf and the Fly are aware of each other from the start of this book. Wolf is ‘feeling a bit peckish‘ so looks across the page toward shelves of food possibilities. What might he choose? While nothing on the shelves is named, it may be that young readers could identify and predict his selection. Thereafter, Wolf returns for ‘he’s still hungry‘. It seems he wants to ‘gobble down’… what will he choose? There’s an odd selection that includes (no, we couldn’t possibly tell, though you might!)
As we turn the pages we watch Wolf on the left side, growing plumper and more sated. Though his ‘tummy rumbles‘ and he ‘takes a little nap‘ there’s room for more! Certainly, it appears that Wolf will push in a pudding. However, might it be that Wolf goes rather too far? We are fascinated as Wolf crams more and more food into himself.
Young readers will relish the odd menu of food selected for Wolf and thereafter the opportunity to follow the passage of a feeding frenzy. The pace is careful, captivating and grossly funny…. Bookwagon recommends The Wolf and the Fly highly to our younger readers to build opportunities to predict and interact within, and enjoy a truly entertaining reading experience!


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