The Wolf Wilder


This book is unlike any other I’ve read. Having been lucky enough to meet the author, I’d suggest it reflects her resourcefulness, undefinability and resilience.

Feodora’s courage and sense of justice power her through the Russian winter wilderness to turn of the twentieth-century Romanov society; from woods, starving peasants, emergent Bolsheviks, army deserters, would-be dancers, all the while fighting against cruelty, oppression and superstition. ‘

The Wolf Wilder‘ is a powerful, raw and compulsive story included, deservedly, on every nomination list for children’s book awards. Katherine Rundell, was selected as one of three young British children’s writers, from an international group of forty, for the inaugural Aarhus, Hay Festival Award, 2017.  Subsequently, she has become a multi-award winning writer of books for children and adults.

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The Wolf Wilder

Katherine Rundell


In pre-revolutionary Russia, there are fierce battles for power, between interest groups, church, village, townspeople and traditionalists. Caught within these are Feo and Ilya, desperate to save themselves, their loved ones and their way of life. Then again, Feo has a different yearning to survive. It seems she is The Wolf Wilder with a gift that is seen as increasingly threatening to Russia Isn’t this ability the reason that she’s had to flee her home? However, is it possible, that a young girl, urgent, furious and desperate might take her message right to the heart of the battle? Then again, how might she and Ilya survive against the Russian army that seeks them?
Not only is this title a heart in the throat, pacy, adventure story, but its setting is brilliantly realised. We feel Katherine Rundell‘s immersion in the story. Not only is her book splendidly researched, but the history, superstition and pulsing beat toward revolution, clearly detailed. Then again, there are other considerations, such as Feo’s and Ilya’s individual beginnings and then how they’re considered within this world. Is it possible that Ilya might reach his goal of dancer? Then again, what of his inclinations? Furthermore, is Feo really the ignorant, peasant threat that the forces would have her considered? Bookwagon loves this wild, urgent adventure story that follows the writer’s award winning Rooftoppers. We recommend it highly!


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