The Wolf’s Secret


The Wolf’s Secret is his tender heart. Although he is the biggest wolf in the Northern forest, feared by every other animal, he yearns for the solace he hears each morning. At that time he hides in the woods to listen to a young woman who draws water from the well, singing her happiness each day. When her heart is broken through loss, the Wolf feels empty. How might he find the joy she shared anew? How far must he travel?

Could the hunt help? Could travelling into forests and mountains far beyond anywhere he’s ever known? What if there’s a secret offered by a trapped animal? Thereafter, what if there’s a key, an ‘echo of the music’ to be found in the nest of Aquila? Yet what will Wolf lose in order to regain that fullness in his soul that the woman’s music gave him?

The Wolf’s Secret is a magnificent translated picture book, with pictures spilling from ancient folklore, and such thoughtful contemplations about what we need in order to live a fulfilled life. Bookwagon loves and recommends this beautiful picture book to readers of all ages.

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The Wolf’s Secret

Myriam Dahman & Nicolas Digard, illustrated by Júlia Sardà


The Wolf’s Secret begins as Wolf ‘creeps to the edge of the forest to listen‘ to the young woman singing at the well each morning. It seems that this wolf is the biggest in the Northern forest. What’s more, he is feared by all the other animals. However, he detects a tenderness in the singing young woman ‘that touches his heart’. Furthermore, her song seems to makes ‘time slow- down’ so that ‘a ray of sunlight [shines] into his heart’. 
Therefore, what happens to the wolf when the song ceases? He discovers that the young woman’s heart is broken and she can sing no more. Although the wolf continues to hunt ‘his heart [is] hollow‘. Is it possible that a wild creature, caught one night, might detect his sorrow and offer solace to the wolf in trade for his release? Where might this bargain lead the wolf? Is it possible that he might travel through territory into which he’s never ‘ventured’? What if he encounters Aquila, the great eagle? Can she lead Wolf to ‘the echo of the music‘ that he seeks? Yet what will it cost him to find this?
The Wolf’s Secret is a sensitive, lyrical, beautiful picture book, with similarities to Lion in Paris. Alongside the fable- style story of love, loss and sympathy, the pictures are painstakingly created. It seems as though the shapes and colours of Julia Sara suggest folklore, with hints of Art Nouveau. Thereafter, Bookwagon suggests this title is a thoughtful treasure to be gifted, loved and realised.


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