The Wolves of Currumpaw


William Grill’s audience were alert to his abilities and waiting for his second book, ‘The Wolves of Currumpaw‘. It has met an acclaiming world-wide audience. From a wolf mad 8-year old, a fact loving godson, and a reading devoted friend, I have shared this fabulous non-fiction picture book. What a lot I learned from this book and how it has stayed with me! A fantastic frontier, ecological and pioneering story  unfolds dramatically and wondrously. William Grill is a superstar information picture book maker. He is able to find, interpret and tell his stories in a meaningful, gripping and original way.  (Winner of the 2017 Premio Non-Fiction Bologna Ragazzi Award)


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The Wolves of Currumpaw

William Grill

(Flying Eye) – hardback

Lobo evades capture by the settlers in the Currumpaw valley. In desperation they turn to Captain Seton, who uses all his wiles to hunt down and kill the leader of ‘The Wolves of Currumpaw’. 

Ragazzi award winner, Bologna Children’s Books’ Fair.


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