The Wonder Machine


Wolf is the world’s greatest inventor, but longs to build something outstanding, miraculous, beyond belief. Therefore, when she discovers the book with ‘no name’ in her workshop, with a guide to how she might fulfil her dreams, she prepares. However, it appears that she will have to leave her home and travel across the water to the village. It’s something she’s never done. Thereafter, as she arrives, she realises there’s a gate to fix, then a boat to rebuild and finally toys to fix for fox cubs. Her reputation spreads quickly!

She’s gifted the items she needs and heads home. Yet will she be successful? Furthermore, what does success mean if you can’t share it? What does Wolf need in her life really?

The Wonder Machine has a really loving, sharing message at its core. We love the snippets of rhyme, the books within the book, and the brilliant cut outs that make this story even more entrancing. Bookwagon recommends this title as one to share at bedtime and thereafter to treasure, and read some more.

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The Wonder Machine

Barry Timss and Laura Brenlla

(Little Tiger Press)

The Wonder Machine is something about which Wolf has dreamed. After all, she is ‘the greatest inventor in all the wide world.’ So what if she could make ‘ a gadget like nothing that you’ve ever seen!’ According to ‘the book with no name’ that she finds in her workshop, Wolf has everything she needs aside from three items:- ‘a fishing reel, a garden rake and a slotted silver spoon.’ It seems like a journey is needed! Yet Wolf has never left home before. Therefore, a journey across the water to the village is quite a stretch! Yet when she arrives, she sets to work, mending a broken gate, then a battered boat and more. At each stop animals who needed help with these chores gift Wolf. Soon she has the tools and is able to head back to her project.
Yet, will Wolf be successful? Thereafter is The Wonder Machine everything about which she hoped? Or might there be something missing? Bookwagon loves the warm heart, empathy and ethics of this beautiful picture book. With its rhyme, story journey, soft tones and enticing cut outs, this is a picture book to treasure!


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