The Wonder


Everyone has ‘The Wonder’ in their heads. It’s the wonder about what would be included in ‘the best playground in the world‘. It’s wondering about who makes the clouds.

We each exist outside our physical presence, routine, obligation, interaction. What is going on inside our heads? Where do we go?

The boy daydreams. His head is ‘filled with wonder‘. What will happen when his art teacher tells him to ‘use his imagination‘? Where will he go?

Faye Hanson contrasts the sepia tone of a familiar day alongside the riot of colour, shape and patterning that represents his thoughts and dreams. ‘The Wonder‘ is a clever, satisfying, inspiring picture book that we are delighted to present.


The Wonder

Faye Hanson

(Templar Books)

The boy ‘wonders where birds are flying.’ He wonders ‘who makes the clouds’. Do other people wonder? Maybe the park keeper who warns him to ‘keep off the grass’? Possibly the snappy lollipop lady with the tasty sign? Does the science teacher wonder how stars shine? Maybe he could set his daydreams free like the boy…. what can he find to show on a blank piece of paper?
Faye Hansons’ début picture book is a masterpiece. Each of us exists beyond our physical presence. The picture book maker realises ‘The Wonder‘ in careful, sequenced, nuanced text, and glorious, page tickling pictures.
‘The Wonder‘ is recommended to readers of all ages for it is a celebration of individuality, dreams and possibilities. Further, it hints at something darker and threatening such as Sally Gardners’ award-winning Maggot Moon.


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