The Words that Fly Between Us


‘The Words that Fly Between Us‘ are those Lucy overhears as she travels between the attics of the houses on her street. Lucy’s discovered a safety net, a place about which nobody knows. It allows her to eavesdrop and research, but it’s also somewhere she can escape the pressures of being her father’s daughter.

Lucy’s father isn’t really interested in her creativity and developing artistic talent. He’s proud of her prize winning potential. Lucy’s Dad is more concerned about image- from their home, to his precious wine cellar, to the impression his wife should make. Lucy’s mother seems to let Lucy’s father down constantly. What goes on behind the doors of Lucy’s house is tense and frightening.

Other doors? There’s Lucy’s reclusive neighbour for whom Lucy leaves food. Dad says she’s a vagrant. There’s Lucy’s sometime friend from the park who seems to impress her best friend Megan far too much. Lucy knows the truth about this friend, yet Megan does not want to accept it.

The Words that Fly Between Us’ is a brave, challenging book that has you cheering for Lucy and longing for the truth to be freed. Bookwagon recommends this title to older readers. It’s a satisfying, positive, knowing title.


The Words that Fly Between Us

Sarah Carroll

(Simon & Schuster)

Lucy has more than she could ever need. Her home is perfect, her school is just the right one, and her parents are successful. Her father is especially successful. He sews up deals worth millions. Lucy’s Dad makes sure that his family look the part. Not a hair out of place. Success and image are key words. Heaven help anything that might get in his way, like tight deadlines on hot deals such as the Old Mill, or Mum not having wine to impress at the party. Lucy knows the truth about what goes on behind her family’s closed doors. It isn’t pleasant. It’s terrifying. What about behind other doors? Below other ceilings? Lucy’s discovered she can travel between the attics of the homes on her street and learn ‘The Words that Fly Between Us’. What might she discover?


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