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Where would you like to visit next? The World Book enables readers to take a tour of every single country in the world.  It is packed with facts, statistics and flags.  This wonderful resource explores different cultures and the best things to see, do and taste on this planet. Find out how to say ‘Good morning’ in Maltese, the most popular dishes in Colombian cuisine, or where you can see over 60 species of hummingbird!  Thereafter, seek out the tallest mountain, the longest river, and everything in between.

Rather than being an atlas alone, this title works like an almanac of fascinating information, that includes geography, history, food, sport, wildlife, art and culture.  Altogether, it is a wonderful gift to encourage interest in visiting different places and experiencing different cultures, and a special addition to home and school libraries.

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The World Book

Explore the Stats, Facts and Flags of Every Country

Joe Fullman, illustrated by Rose Blake

(Welbeck Books) – hardback

The World Book is a fabulous addition to guides to the world. Sometimes it is difficult to know where to start when children want to build their understanding of geography. The World Book makes it easy and so pleasurable.
This book is a fantastic resource that includes the customs, symbols, histories and identities of the 199 countries explored.  Every country across the globe is included and so accessibly! The brief descriptions and information provided, enables an accurate snap shot of the country and its people.
This book stands out from other atlases in that it includes mapping, alongside abundant colourful illustrations that portray every nation and region. Dig a little deeper and detailed short paragraphs focus upon particular facts and figures that provide substance to the uniqueness of the place.
The book is strong in its sense of equality and the way in which bigger nations do not dominate the information shared.  St Kitts and Nevis, for example, enjoys as much space as Greece, while there is as much to learn about Canada as there is the USA. The World Book is a triumph in how it neatly and simply explains the world.  It would be a super gift and an excellent addition to home (and school) libraries.
The World Book is the perfect companion to The Earth Book, also available in the Bookwagon on line bookstore.


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