The World Is Not a Rectangle


Zaha Hadid’s Iraqi childhood is suggested to have inspired the shapes and forms she wove into her inspiring architectural designs. Jeanette Winter expands upon the late architect’s background, from her early life to her education in London. Later, we learn of the obstacles she faced time and time again to have her ground-breaking ideas accepted and commissioned. This resistance seems ludicrous now; her works are revered world-wide, and her foundation is flourishing.

The World Is Not a Rectangle is a wonderful title, essential to every home and classroom. The underlying messages of standing tall, maintaining your vision, and working hard, are evident. We recommend The World Is Not a Rectangle to readers aged from 7 years of age, and their parents, teachers and grandparents. Award winner- Parents’ Choice Award 

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The World Is Not a Rectangle

A Portrait of Architect Zaha Hadid

Jeanette Winter

(Simon & Schuster)

Jeanette Winter weaves the story of award-winning, inspirational architect Zaha Hadid. Thereafter, we journey from her beginnings in Iraq and her early years and inspiration. It means that we breathe in the smells and realise the shapes and colours of her homeland. Furthermore, we watch her learn and discover her inspirations and setbacks. What contributed to her celebrated career? Then again, why do we remember this trail blazer? It seems her works are known about and identified around the world. However, Zaha faced many obstacles. Not only was she Muslim, but then she was a woman.
Then again, this architect had dreamed of cities throughout her early years. In fact her view seemed to be that The World Is Not a Rectangle. There were shapes that resonated in nature that she sought to replicate in her buildings. How on earth might she achieve this? Surely it would mean breaking down all known architectural sensibilities? Then again, the form, the practicalities and the way such structures would fit within our world? We’ve admired and learned planning and building through such works as How Was That Built? Bookwagon recommends this superb biography as splendid inspiration, STEM source and history.



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