The Worst Class in the World


4B is literally The Worst Class in the World. At least that’s the opinion of Mrs Bottomley- Blunt and she’s Headteacher of the school. She makes ‘a noise like a horse when she’s annoyed’ and class 4B annoys her a lot. It’s not really their fault. After all she doesn’t really appreciate their individual talents, such as 4B’s class captain’s ability ‘to burp the national anthem’. Nor does she understand how their teacher, Mr Nidgett, can be so tolerant. Well, most of the time he’s tolerant and sees their goodness. However, there are occasions when he contemplates giving up teaching to become a llama farmer.

The incident of the Biscuit King is one such time. Healthy snacking guidelines can overwhelm a hungry child. Manjit, Stanley’s best friend, is overwhelmed by his need for one of Lacey Braithwaite’s superior biscuits. The pair find her hiding alongside the Smelly Death Log. When they learn there are other hidden biscuit stashes they plan to join the secret school market with their own superior biscuits. There are catches, and thereafter repercussions, especially for Mr Nidgett’s shoes…

Shoes play a part in the second incident when the class prepare to take on 4A in a Show and Tell competition devised by Mrs Bottomley-Blunt. Yet, what does anyone in 4B have to show that could possibly outdo their other, perfect, rivals? A real live skeleton? A real live rat? A killer dog?

Joanna Nadin is such a fluent, engaging writer and the expressive illustrations by Rikin Parekh are slightly reminiscent of classic Ronald Searle. Bookwagon is so happy to have read and enjoyed The Worst Class in the World, the opening title of a great new series for newer chapter book readers. We recommend it highly.

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sThe Worst Class in the World

Joanna Nadin, illustrated by Rikin Parekh


Meet Class 4B. They are ‘literally The Worst Class in the World‘ according to Mrs Bottomley-Blunt, Headmistress. After all, ‘literally means actually, scientifically true‘. Yet Class 4B’s teacher is ‘of the opinion that everything can be mended with kindness.’ However, even Mr Nidgett gives up on his class upon occasion, especially when he ends up in his emergency shoes.
We can hear Stanley’s ‘footling, fiddle-faddling‘ voice as he describes the characters associated with class 4B. Thereafter, he narrates two particular incidents. One is the incident of the biscuit king, where he and best friend Manjit ‘make Manley biscuits to become Biscuit Kings‘. Healthy snacking guidelines and Lacey Braithwaite’s hidden stash of superior biscuits prompt this episode!
Then there’s Show and Tell. While it may be Stanley’s second best thing about school, ‘it is the bane of Mr Nidgett’s life.’ 4B is determined to win when Mrs Bottomley- Blunt plans a competitive Show and Tell with Class 4A. However what can you do with a class including pupils who show crisps or attempt to ‘be the first human- to try to do something outstanding’? Somehow we know disaster lies ahead!
The Worst Class in the World is very funny, wonderfully readable and rather recognisable! It is very enjoyable, like Wigglesbottom Primary Break-time Bunnies and others in that series.  Bookwagon recommends this title highly. We look forward to other books in this very engaging series.


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