The Yark


The Yark‘ is in despair. Long gone are the days when his appetite for crunching down on good, happy, obedient children was satisfied. Today’s children are malevolent, cruel and rude. All The Yark gets from them is indigestion and pain! What is he to do?

The twist in ‘The Yark’s tail (and this is a gruesomely graphic tale) is Madeleine. Tempting, tasty and totally perfect in every way, ‘The Yark‘ is caught between a lighthouse friendship and a jolly good meal.

In the style of Lewis Carroll, with lush language, rich poetic description, a smattering of horror and a huge dollop of humour, Bookwagon presents ‘The Yark’. This book is not for the faint-hearted, but it is one for children and adults who love a tonne-weight in rippling vocabulary and nonsense.

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The Yark

Bertrand Santini, illustrated by Laurent Gapaiilard

(Gecko Press)

Where can ‘The Yark‘ find children just as he likes them? Well behaved, happy, tasty, finger-licking children? Today’s children are bitter and horrible and leave ‘The Yark‘ feeling sick. What is a monster to do? This is a story with bite, recommended for readers with a slightly black sense of humour!


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