The Young Performing Horse


Little do Signora Provina and her Performing Dogs know what is in store when Vicky and Bertie Priddy’s Performing Horse joins them at Mr Crumble’s theatre. Despite being baggy and small, the young horse, that cost only two guineas, is a star! Now, it’s on his capable shoulders to turn around the family’s and theatre’s fortunes.

‘The Young Performing Horse‘ is a friendly, romping, daft book, ideal for young readers looking for a fun adventure story full of possibility and impossibility. We love it and recommend it highly!


The Young Performing Horse

John Yeoman & Quentin Blake

(Andersen Press)

A performing horse that learns his lessons, saves a theatre and meets the Queen? He’s a veritable wonder horse! Laughs galore are guaranteed from ‘The Young Performing Horse’, a in this happy, enterprising story by an acclaimed picture book making partnership.


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