There Is No Dragon In This Story


There Is No Dragon In This Story says the Gingerbread Man. What about Hansel and Gretel? All the Dragon wants to do is be the hero in his OWN story! It’s not too much to ask, is it? Little Red Riding Hood? The Three Little Pigs? What has a Dragon to do to feature? It seems he’s going to make the changes. Just watch him go! What a magnificent story to read aloud, know and love! Bookwagon loves and recommends this charming picture book.
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There Is No Dragon In This Story

Lou Carter and Deborah Allwright


There Is No Dragon In This Story,  Dragon’s told by second Pig, Hansel and Gretel and more. It seems that Dragon’s  weary of being tied up knights in classic tales of princess rescues. It’s a similar situation to Princesses Break Free, it seems. Thereafter, Dragon’s determined to feature in his own heroic story! However,  it would appear that every story is taken. So what might this would- be hero do?
The Gingerbread Man insists Dragons should never feature in his story. ‘There Is No Dragon In This Story‘ insists Red Riding Hood. Perhaps he could try Jack? Stuck up a beanstalk can’t be much fun! Then again, what happens when Dragon’s heroism is needed! Is he up to the call? Or might this be a stretch too far? After all, we know our hero’s wishes, but then should tradition be changed- really?
Bookwagon loves the winding storytelling through a traditional storyboard. What’s more Lou Carter has peopled  this wonderful picture book with familiar characters, albeit with plenty of personality. This is such a clever idea but beautifully and humorously executed! ‘There Is No Dragon In This Story’ deserves a place on your reader’s bookshelf!


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