There’s a Bear On My Chair


Mouse has a dilemma- There’s a Bear on My Chair. What’s more he’s so big they cannot share. What can mouse do to move bear? He knows bear is rare and he should take care, but this is his chair?

Will bear be lured by a pear? Could mouse frighten him with a scare? Should he admire him in his leisure wear? Despite all his efforts and bear’s intransigence, mouse cannot ‘stand this bear’! What results from this admission?

The rhyme is inventive, wild and wonderful, just as we appreciate with Ross Collins’s sublime picture books! Furthermore, his pictures are almost portrait framed. We’re drawn into the detail, the expressions, the mood and the drama. The colours are beautiful, rich and inviting.

What will happen to mouse, bear and a single chair? For mouse it’s all about ‘There’s a Bear on My Chair’.  

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There’s a Bear On My Chair

Ross Collins

(Nosy Crow)

There’s a Bear On My Chair– ‘he is so big, it’s hard to share’! What can Mouse do to remove Bear from his Chair? After all, they ‘do not/ ‘make a happy pair/ a mouse and bear/ and just one chair!‘ Will a ‘nasty glare’ do its work? A pear? The distraction from Bear’s admiration of himself in his leisure wear? What of a scare? Then, mouse is aware that this bear is rare… but, what will it take?
It seems like mouse is stuck, or rather bear is, for nothing’s going to make him budge? Or is it?
Ross Collins ingenious rhyme, crafty storytelling of extraordinary possibilities, along side elaborate pictures is the stuff of wonder! We love his works from What Does an Anteater Eat? to This is a Dog. What a treat! What a laugh! Come on, shall we join in? There’s a Bear On My Chair. 

Winner of the UKLA picture book category (3- 6 years)


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