There’s a Dog in My Brain


Danny knows Mrs Grout doesn’t like dogs. She doesn’t like Dudley. So why is it acceptable to leave beloved Dudley in the care of Mrs Grout while Danny and his family attend a wedding, he doesn’t want to go to? It seems Danny’s parents don’t share his anxiety and aren’t listening. The situation is desperate!

Might it be that a wish on the ‘pup star’ could create a miracle, so that Dudley attends the wedding in Danny’s human form and then Danny becomes Dudley? After all they’re so close that ‘Mum says she doesn’t know where the boy ends and the dog begins’.

Yet maybe you need to be careful for what you wish. Danny is stunned to realise There’s a Dog in My Brain, when he awakens as Dudley. What’s more, it’s obvious that Mrs Grout isn’t quite as easy to give the slip as Danny imagined. Then again, she seems to have plans for Dudley/ Danny.

What of Dudley? He’s off to a wedding, a dog in human form, with all his doggy instincts and behaviours intact, and nobody realising what’s happened…. It’s a wedding cake recipe for disaster!

Bookwagon LOVES There’s a Dog in My Brain! Not only has Caroline Green created a truly entertaining and immediate story, but Rikin Parekh’s pictures are so entertaining and melodramatic. Bookwagon recommends this book to our readers.

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There’s a Dog in My Brain

Caroline Green, illustrated by Rikin Parekh


Danny’s not very happy about the wedding. Not only will be it a boring event, but then he’ll have to put up with Priya, who drones on with football statistics. However, there’s something more worrying him. It seems that Mrs Grout will be taking care of Dudley, the family pet. Danny’s aware that Mrs Grout doesn’t like Dudley, so he’s frantic to arrive at a way that he can avoid the wedding. If only he could take Dudley’s place…. Might a wish on the ‘pup star’ about which Dad told him, make a difference?
Could it be that such a wish means that Danny awakens in the knowledge that There’s a Dog in My Brain? It seems that he and Dudley have swapped places! Although he’s aware of the fact he’s a boy with paws and a sudden liking for pet food, what of Dudley? It couldn’t mean that he’s attending a wedding, in Danny’s skin, but with doggy urges? What of drinking from the toilet bowl, or hanging his head out the window. Then again, even worse, what of that other urge….
Bookwagon loves There’s a Dog in My Brain. It is a delight to read, a laugh-out-loud treat! What’s more, rather like I am Dog!, we catch the exuberance of Danny’s beloved pooch, Dudley. What of Mrs Grout? Is she as horrid as Danny fears? Then again, a dog at a wedding, albeit a dog in human clothing?  Rikin Parekh shows the confusion so entertainingly. We love his illustrations! Bookwagon urges our readers to choose this title.


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