There’s a Pig up my Nose!


When the door is left open, a pig trots up the stairs, across Natalie’s bedspread and up her nose! ‘There’s a Pig up my Nose!’ What is to be done?

Natalie’s doctor writes a note for school. She’s not allowed to play games. Natalie’s nose’s ‘Oink!’ disrupts playtime, story time and lunchtime. Mrs Daffodil suggests the class might arrive at some ideas to lure the pig from Natalie’s nose. A hook? A vacuum? What can  be done?

‘There’s a Pig up my Nose!’ incorporates John Dougherty’s wildly fantastical, yet pragmatic storytelling, with  warm and curious illustrations by Laura Hughes. This book is is a story time winner, a delight!

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There’s a Pig up my Nose!

John Dougherty, Laura Hughes


‘Oink!’ During the night, a pig trots through the door, up the stairs, into Natalie’s bedroom and up her nose! ‘There’s a Pig up my Nose!’ Natalie realises. How on earth will it come out? Can the doctor help? Natalie’s class? Join the mayhem and the riot of a truly unique and memorable story!

Oscar’s Book Prize winner 2018


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