There’s a Tiger on the Train


There’s the joy of taking ‘a trip down to the sea’, but there’s the astonishment when There’s a Tiger on the Train! What’s more, this tiger offers a ‘Good morning‘ and removes a comic to read, from beneath his top hat. Wouldn’t you think Dad would be astounded too? However, it seems that Dad’s preoccupied…

Then again, what about the arrival of ‘a crowd of crocodiles‘ ahead of ‘three large hippos/ With… a steaming pot of tea’? What’s more, these hippos have ‘a tin of chewy sweets‘ which they offer out. Furthermore, what about jostling piglets who take to Snap! as their Mum snoozes, or even ‘two pugs‘ in ‘fine hats and dresses/ That trail- along the floor’? Is it possible that Dad’s missing all of this?

Could it be a loud roar or sneeze that distract Dad from his phone? Or howling pugs and honking piglets when the sweeties fall to the train floor? Or might there be another way to draw Dad’s attention to the cacophony aboard the train? Then, further, to the wonder of the journey and day ahead?

Alongside rip-roaring, wonderful rhyme from Mariesa Dulak, we’ve Rebecca Cobb’s fascinating pictures that draw us in to the fun and drama further. We adore There’s a Tiger on the Train and recommend it highly to every family, every education provider, every reader.

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There’s a Tiger on the Train

Mariesa Dulak and Rebecca Cobb

(Faber & Faber)

Hey Dad! Did you see THAT?’ You’ll never guess what happened on [this] trip down to the sea!’ It seems There’s a Tiger on the Train. 
In fact, this tiger’s wearing a top hat from which he removes a comic and thereafter offers a ‘Good morning.’ However it seems that Dad’s unaware for the tiger’s disappeared behind his comic! Meanwhile there’s a ‘CLANK RUMBLE, CLANK- CLANK RUMBLE’ as the train travels ‘down to the sea’.
Then again, is it possible that this tiger’s going to be the lone, unusual passenger? What about ‘a crowd of crocodiles/ With spades and rings and buckets’ who drip ‘water down the aisles…‘ Furthermore, could there be ‘three large hippos/ With… a steaming pot of tea’ and ‘a tin of chewy sweets’ which they offer to share? How could Dad miss this? Surely the arrival of Snap! playing piglets, finely dressed pugs and a sweetie stealing mouse, will arouse Dad? Then again, what about a ROARRRR?!!! An Aaachhchooo!? Or might there be only one way to draw Dad’s attention?
Bookwagon is overjoyed to welcome this outstanding picture book from Mariesa Dulak and Rebecca Cobb, After all, just consider the latter’s Hello, Friend! Thereafter, we suggest that There’s a Tiger on the Train is destined to become a classic, a story to be read at bedtimes for years, shared in assemblies, and loved always.


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