These Are Animals


Daniel Egnéus has created an exceptional picture book in ‘These Are Animals.’ He introduces his readers to the different animals by defining the differences in their sounds and shapes. Thereafter the animals of a variety of habitats are compared- woodland, polar, grassland, ocean, nighttime and rainforest. We watch their movements, examine their shapes, and through the use of pictorial, almost onomatopoeic text, are invited to make their sounds and copy their actions.

The pictures are vibrant and full. There is a fascinating, swooping positivism to the images.

These are Animals‘ is a glorious picture book. I have singled it out as a gift book for smaller people in my family and friendship circles. Bookwagon is proud to include it amongst our titles and urge our readers to add it to their bookshelves.


These Are Animals

Daniel Egnéus

(Bloomsbury)- hardback

These are animals. Come and meet them all!‘ SNAP.  Daniel Egnéus invites young readers to compare a variety of animal movements, behaviour, habitat and sounds. ‘These are Animals‘ is a magnificent pitch perfect picture book. What will they discover? What might they share, hear or see?


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