They All Saw a Cat


They All Saw a Cat‘ is a beautiful book for readers to share and treasure.  A cat’s life journey is considered and interpreted by a range of animal neighbours and the cat itself. There is so much to look over, wonder at and take away from this very special, quietly unsettling, unique book about individual perceptions. (Good Reads Choice Awards, Caldecott Medal

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They All Saw a Cat

Brendan Wenzel


They All Saw a Cat’ each creature in turn that surveys their territory. Yet, each sees the cat differently. Who is correct, or could it be that every version is the ‘right’ version. Furthermore, should we consider that each visitor is seeing a different part of the cat? Thereafter, might it be that each visitor is realising the cat as it interacts with him or her? Each offers a different, unique and valid perspective.
It seems that this award winning picture book is an allegory. It suggests our different viewpoints, experiences and backgrounds. Yet it emphasises the course of the cat’s journey alongside the different perspectives through the clever use of repetitive text.
Furthermore, we realise that Brendan Wenzel is keen to extend our understanding of each other, our environment and ourselves. He continues his efforts with his breathtaking Hello Hello wherein we, rather cat visitor like, encounter a range of different creatures.
Bookwagon suggests They All Saw a Cat is a superb choice for sharing, rereading, group discussion and picture book interpretation.
This title was one of the first selected by the Bookwagon team. We are indebted to our customers for loving this book, as we do.

Winner of the Caldecott Medal


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