They Say Blue


‘They Say Blue’ but what is blue? Could it be water in a bowl, or water running from a tap? Is a blue whale blue? Are crows as black as the strands of my hairAre we who we think we are? What do we evolve into?

Through sensuously lyrical pictures and a blending sequence in the storytelling, Jillian Tamaki challenges our perceptions. Her haunting images almost bleed into new truths as the narrator of the story experiences the world and questions. She looks at the colours, the textures, the forms of our reality. What are we really? Isn’t the world magnificent?

For every time we look at a freckle, or consider how the sky is blue and where the horizon ends, we are part of the story of ‘They Say Blue’. This is an outstanding picture book, intelligent, unending, uncertain and laden with philosophical enigma.


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They Say Blue

Jillian Tamaki

(Abrams Chronicle)- hardback

‘They Say Blue‘ is a meditation, a contemplation of our natural world. We label something but is it really as we say it is? Is a blue whale blue? Is an egg yellow? What are birds thinking? We explore the dilemma of seasons and our perception of the natural world. This is for anyone who has ever tried to explain how the sky is not blue- is it?

Boston Globe- Horn Book Award 2018



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