Thieves’ Gambit


The hold Ross’s mother has over her is total. She’s been brought up to believe she can trust nobody. Therefore, how can she possibly trust the boy who stirs her so, who’s amongst the other contenders in the Thieves’ Gambit?

It seems this high-powered chase to the post is the only way that Ross can possibly save her mother. Just when Ross thought she’d a chance of escape, her mother’s been kidnapped. Now there’s a deadline for Ross to win the billion pound reward from the Gambit, the ransom for her mother’s release.

However, this race is unlike any other. It’s intercontinental, facing down security, liars and scammers, the super-weatlhy, spies and cheats and then seven other skilled young criminals. While Ross might be potentially sidetracked by Devroe, she’s upended to realise Noelia Boschert who betrayed her in childhood, is amongst the other contenders. Is Ross up to this challenge? Can she hold the course and win her mother’s release?

Bookwagon was absorbed by the pace, drama and imagination of Thieves’ Gambit. We recommend it to our older, teen, crime novel loving audiences particularly!

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Thieves’ Gambit

Kayvion Lewis

(Simon & Schuster)

Although Ross Quest is desperate to escape the confines of her mother’s hold, she’s committed to finding the ransom money to release her when she’s kidnapped. It seems the only way to source the billion dollars needed is to win the Thieves’ Gambit. However, this is the most difficult, strategic and knife-edge series of heists ever conceived. Although Ross is a Quest, one of the best known criminal families of all, she’ll be up against other young masterminds. In fact, these include her arch- nemesis Noelia Boschert, daughter to one of the oldest families in Europe. Then there’s Devroe. Despite all the warnings with which Ross has grown up with to trust nobody, he does something to her…
However, this crusade of teen criminal mastery? It will include outwitting security, stealing precious pieces, impossible lock picking, high speed pursuit and mortal danger. In fact, despite a winning taste in shoes, Ross must be on her toes at all times. Then again, she’s without the guiding confidence of her mother, while her Auntie, back in the Bahamas can only offer counsel. Is Ross up to this?
Kayvion Lewis has us clutching our rucksacks, watching behind us, second guessing at every turn. Like The Box in the Woods, Thieves’ Gambit, is a truly breath-taking crime thriller with such a master stroke twist in its tale!


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