Things that Go Bump


Olive’s torn between standing up to supposed best friend Ada, and falling in with Emily and Jack. It feels as though she’s invisible, only needed for her ‘planning’. However, Ada’s become too loud, too dominating, to the point that Olive’s convinced herself that she’s only ever Ada’s ‘fall guy’, never able to find her own voice. Unfortunately, joining forces with Emily and Jack feels like entirely the wrong move.

Then again, what about their plan to prank Ada? To join her secret overnight investigation of Flatpack, the local furniture store? Ada’s convinced there’s something deeply scary and underhand going on at this furniture retailer. Thereafter, she’s planning to take Rube, her new best friend, to secret themselves away and find out what’s really going on. It’s not only the horrible smells within the flat packed furnitures that lead so many customers to return their purchases. There’s also the fact that Ada’s convinced she’s heard scratching from within the furniture itself! Olive’s not so sure.

However, to stay secret all night means teamwork,  planning and then staying the course against the twins, Bob and Bill, and finally, Karen. Is any of this possible? Olive doesn’t suppose for one moment that the adventure will stay the course. She wants to get home to her parents. Then again, it seems that within Flatpack might be creatures that know Olive’s deepest fears….

Bookwagon recommends Things that Go Bump to all readers who enjoy scary adventures, twists of the unexpected alongside stories of friendship.

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Things that Go Bump

Kathryn Foxfield, illustrated by Robin Boyden


Olive’s convinced that Ada is only friends with her because their parents are friends. Therefore she feels in Ada’s shadow a little, conscious that Ada is louder, more memorable and dramatic than her. It means that she’s often Ada’s ‘fall guy’ as when Ada’s on monster hunts, or convinced of scary creatures. Therefore, Olive breaks away, forming a less satisfying friendship with Jack and Emily, while watching Ada befriend Rube. Is there anyway that the five might work together when they collide her Things that Go Bump?
Kathryn Foxfield is the writer of YA thrillers, but steps into middle grade territory with this novel. Thereafter, it seems that Emily, Jack and Olive might intrude on Ada and Rube’s plan to investigate the strange, smelly occurrences at Flatpack. In fact, it seems that Operation Flatpack is determined to route out scary creatures that Ada’s convinced live within the furniture warehouse’s functioning. Could she be mistaken? Is it all just a shadowy super plot? Then again, how brave is Olive really? Finally, what is REALLY hidden deep within Flatpack?
Like Shadowhall Academy: The Whispering Walls, for example, Things that Go Bump is a really great thriller. However, this title is also very funny. Bookwagon doesn’t think it will ever look at cola bottle sweets in the same way again!



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