Think Big!


‘Think Big!’ Believe and You Can Achieve. That’s the adage! What if your aspiration is one to make your friends gasp. While Little Miss Muffet dreams of becoming a scientist when she grows up, the Cat and the Fiddle have plans to become train drivers. Humpty Dumpty? He has designs on becoming a ……

Little Bo Peep suggests ‘looking for clues and becom(ing) a detective‘. Meanwhile,Little Jack Horner points Humpty toward a medical career. The Cow who jumped over the moon urges Humpty to ‘Aim for the stars!’

All this advice! Will Humpty Dumpty ‘Think Big‘ and achieve his goal, or reach for the stars, and potentially become…

What a fun, wise interpretation of common advice and conversation. The introduction of a community of familiar characters, boldly coloured and realised, is a delight. Go on, you know you want to….. open the page and ‘Think Big!’ 


Think Big!

Believe and You Can Achieve

Kes Gray and Nathan Reed

(Hachette Children’s Books)

What do you want to be when you leave school? What did you want to be? Nobody can believe the answer Humpty Dumpty gives Tom, the Piper’s Son. Furthermore, Humpty is resolute! He wants to be a….

The Three Blind mice gasp at his declaration! Jack Be Nimble tries to reason with him. Thereafter Baa Baa Black Sheep and Mary Mary Quite Contrary are amongst those friends offering Humpty Dumpty inspirational advice as the community compares goals. Is the adage ‘Believe and You Can Achieve’ all it seems? Could This Little Piggy aspire to become a traffic warden for example?

Kes Gray pushes the boat out to sea with his original ideas. Nathan Reed meets it with bright, direct ‘out of the box’ (thank you Jack and Jill) interpretations. ‘Think Big‘ is an eggsceptionally satisfying picture book!


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