Thinker My Puppy Poet and Me


Jace realises his new puppy is a poet when they first meet. He names him, Thinker. They compare how they construct their poetry. Thinker offers, ‘Words, thoughts, can say anything/ I want to say, in the way/ I want to say it.‘ Jace contemplates, ‘I make music…. I stop and I go, almost/ like singing, making/ word- music.’ 

Eloise Greenfield is a revered educator and writer of free verse. In ‘Thinker My Puppy Poet and Me‘ she creates a conversation about life, behaviour and poetry through Jace and Thinker.

Thinker asks Jace ‘why some folks are mean/ and some folks are nice‘. Jace can’t answer. He offers, (I’ve)- ‘got a lot way to go’. 

Jace denies Thinker the opportunity to attend school. Thinker suggests he’ll ‘raise my paw,/ and wave it at the teacher./ I’ll eat my puppy biscuits at the/ lunch table and get in line/ and go outside and slide,/ and race and chase.’ 

Ehsan Abdollahi’s collage style, richly coloured, overlaid illustrations emphasise the tender, harmony between Jace and Thinker. These are two sensitive souls, ripe with words, music and enquiry. The poetry is accessible, musical, positive and empathetic. The strength of message about the importance of being your true self, whatever that might be, sings, resounds and soars. ‘Thinker My Puppy Poet and Me‘ is a beautiful  poetry book.

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Thinker My Puppy Poet and Me

Eloise Greenfield, illustrated by Ehsan Abdollahi

(Tiny Owl)– hardback

Jace says, “You’re a poet?/ I’m a poet, too.” He names the new puppy, Thinker. These are the poems of their life together, ‘Thinker My Puppy Poet and Me’. Thinker shares his welcome party and asks Jace about life. He longs to join Jace at school. Jace fears that Thinker’s poetry will startle his classmates. In the park, Thinker is warned, ‘No matter what you/ want to say,/ Just watch, think and bark,/ okay?’
Poet Eloise Greenfield is a US national treasure. The poems included in ‘Thinker My Puppy Poet and Me’ are accessible, relevant and full of meaning. Ehsan Abdollahi’s beautifully colourful overlaid pictures highlight this book.

Nominated for the CLiPPA prize. 


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