This Book Has Alpacas and Bears


Alfonso realises how many books there are about Bears. ‘Bears, bears, bears- cuddly, friend, grumpy and hungry- EVERY type of pesky bear!’ Yet, there is not a SINGLE book including alpacas. However, putting this right is a chore. After all holding a pen is a problem for alpacas. Maybe Alfonso’s friend, Colin the bear might help? It could take a little persuasion at Colin’s yoga class or even the cinema. Will Alfonso’s persuasion work? Or may  he needs to really push the boat out to convince Colin that alpacas are worth a story?

The language is brilliant, while the story is laugh-out-loud ridiculous and enjoyable. Emma Perry and Rikin Parekh’s collaboration is a triumph. We’re drawn into Alfonso’ efforts so convincingly, realising his desperation and effort almost tangibly through brilliant font styles and empathetic, highly amusing illustrations.

This Book Has Alpacas and Bears is a Bookwagon winner. We suggest that readers of all ages will enjoy this picture book treat!

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This Book Has Alpacas and Bears

Emma Perry and Rikin Parekh

(David Fickling Books)

Have you ever noticed how many books there are about bears? Just think about it for a short time… It seems that bears have all the attention! So, what about alpacas? Doesn’t it seem like time is ripe to change the balance? Well, This Book Has Alpacas and Bears and it’s all because of Alfonso. Although alpacas might have some difficulty in writing, because holding a pen can be awkward, Alfonso is on a quest to get alpacas into print. Therefore, he decides ‘to visit his friend Colin. A bear.’ What will it take for Colin to realise that alpacas are not ‘noisy, clumsy, careless and REALLY annoying’? Alfonso is determined to prove to Colin that ‘Alpacas are GREAT!” 
Rikin Parekh of the fabulous Fly Tiger Fly joins Emma Perry in this tour-de-force, appreciation class for alpacas. So, what can alpacas give us? Might it be warm baths and yoga classes? Or could it be something a little more? Maybe This Book Has Alpacas and Bears? It’s all there for us to discover, alongside enjoying laughs and being impressed at the Alfonso’s determination!  Bookwagon loves this refreshing picture book and recommends it to your readers!



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