This Book Will Make You an Artist


In order to complete her self- portraits, Artemisia Gentileschi held a hand mirror closely. What’s more, she included her art materials in her work so as to show her profession. Thereafter, This Book Will Make You an Artist proposes that we follow her example. We observe ourselves carefully in our own mirrors before undertaking a self portrait, while also including the materials we use.

Artemisia Genileschi is just one of twenty-five amazing artists whom Ruth Millington and Ellen Surrey introduce readers to in this outstanding book. While we begin with spice coloured handprints to replicate the art of cave painters, we work through the ages, inspirations, styles and media. Thereafter, we might use string relief to form a block print like Katsushika Hokusai. Furthermore, we might choose white wax crayon and poster paints to interpret Emily Name Kngwarreye’s native Australian batik works.

Bookwagon is so impressed by the depth of information, the wealth of artists, styles, inspiration and opportunity offered through this sensational book. This Book Will Make You an Artist is essential to every home, gift box and school.

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This Book Will Make You an Artist

Create your very own masterpieces inspired by 25 amazing artists

Ruth Millington and Ellen Surrey

(Nosy Crow)

While some artists ‘wanted to sketch portraits of interesting people they met- others loved to paint landscapes of wildflowers’. Ruth Millington and Ellen Surrey use the example and inspiration of ‘25 amazing artists’ to build a guide book for other potential creators. Thereafter, we dive into This Book Will Make You an Artist. 
We consider our own spaces and then the materials and behaviours we might need. For example, we could need pencils, a palette, paper and card. However, we need to keep clean and then bring an imaginative mind to our work. Then again, the attitude we bring could include ‘warming up‘.
Thereafter, we head into cave paintings, where we use the example of ancient peoples to form our own prints with newspaper, turmeric, cumin and cinnamon. Furthermore, we’veAncient Roman mosaics ahead of Leonardo da Vinci‘s anatomical studies to follow. Who else might we encounter? Could there be abstract mobiles to create, in the style of Hilma Af Klint? Or then again, what about a performance of words like Hugo Ball?
Bookwagon loves the organisation, examples and detail of this superb activity book. Not only are we learning about art, but we’re also practising. In fact, This Book Will Make You an Artist is a truly inspiring and fulfilling title we recommend highly for home, school and gifting.


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