This Book Will Self Destruct


This Book Will Self Destruct is a smart, funny graphic novel featuring the indefatigable special Agent Harrier as he strives to locate and defuse a bomb set to detonate in less than 5 minutes.  This bomb will also destroy the book being read!  Just who has set the bomb to explode?  Could it be his Harrier’s Top Dog boss or maybe it’s his colleague spy Patsy?  Harrier has to overcome several tasks before he can defuse the bomb.

There are plenty of sly references to spy movie cliches and lots of laughs along the way in this intelligent, lively and very funny graphic novel.

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This Book Will Self Destruct

Ben Sanders

(Little Tiger)

This Book Will Self Destruct announces that ‘…this book will explode in 5 minutes’. Clearly, there is no time to lose, but never fear, Agent Harrier is here.  He must follow the red wire and defuse the bomb before it’s too late. Unfortunately, the fact that Agent Harrier is colour blind and cannot distinguish between the red and black wires, is just one of his disadvantages.  However, will our canine spy special agent nevertheless be able to save everyone (including those reading the book) from being blasted to smithereens?
Agent Harrier also wants to find out who planted the bomb in the first place.  During the course of his investigation and deadly mission, Harrier muses on his past and his lack of friends and mentors.  He doesn’t lack for confidence however.  Join him as he faces a number of tasks, including a laser maze and a fiendishly difficult anagram puzzle.  Let’s hope that Harrier does not end up barking up the wrong tree.
There are plenty of visual gags and sly references to spy movie cliches in this bright and funny graphic novel.  Bookwagon is proud to stock several books featuring the author’s Ben Sanders’ illustrations, including Clive Penguin.


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