This is a Dog


Your new book is My First Animal BookThis is a Dog‘. Dog features on every page. Cat? You can see Dog! Giraffe…. well I don’t recommend you look to closely at how Dog appears on that page. We see Bear pause, hoping that Dog will not switch off the light on his ‘This is a bear’ page. Alas, Bear’s in the dark all too soon, with Dog lit by his torch, instead. Dog is making a fast exit on his page, followed by Gorilla. Will he get away?

Ross Collins creates such diverting, rich, deceptively simple picture books. The text is bold and clear, but the message is subtle and wry. ‘This is a Dog‘ is a Bookwagon recommendation. Can Dog dominate this animal book as he intends? Will the animals get wise to his tricks?

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This is a Dog

Ross Collins

(Nosy Crow)

This is a Dog and what’s more this book belongs to a dog. Due to Dog, this book is not entitled My First Animal Book. What about cat or monkey or rabbit? Will Dog allow them to feature in his book? Surely he wouldn’t do anything to distract them, or interfere with their appearance in ‘his’ book. Would he?
Ross Collins creates assured, original, captivating picture books. We delight in his titles from There’s a Bear On My Chair to his collaborative works such as I Can ROAR Like a Dinosaur. Furthermore his books are satisfyingly funny. Take a look at the humour, imagination and wild shakes of imagination in There’s a Mouse in My House. Somehow, there, as in this wonderful title, we are convinced by our central character’s assertions. What’s more, the bold, clean-cut, black outlined, pictures are curious, wonderful, confident and entirely convincing. Therefore, who is this book about? Thereafter, what is it’s real intention? Finally, who is it for? Bookwagon is convinced that this picture book will delight readers of all ages.
Winner of The Bookbug Picture Book Prize 2021:- About the Scottish Book Trust 2021 Picture Book Bookbug Prize.


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