This is Gus


Gus likes things just the way he likes them. Thereafter, he doesn’t like walks, fetching sticks or being petted. Furthermore, he does not like birthdays with presents, cake or balloons.

Yet how will he react when opening one of the gifts reveals a mini- Gus? Will his stoicism fade? Or is it true that he ‘doesn’t like making new friends’? 

This is Gus. His life is perfectly ordered, and rather miserable to the outsider. Could a new companion make a difference or might something else provoke Gus into paroxysms of delight?  Did anyone mention….. SAUSAGES?

Chris Chatterton’s picture book is so funny. We watch immobile Gus tolerating the world about him and all attempts to make him jolly up. Is it possible? Chris Chatterton’s bright, tropical background pages are so warm and encouraging. Then, there’s the eager new arrival, so respectful of Gus, so hopeful when SAUSAGES appear…

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This is Gus

Chris Chatterton

(Pan Macmillan)

This is Gus. It seems as though he ‘doesn’t like being petted‘ or ‘fetching sticks or balls’. Furthermore he ‘doesn’t like making new friends’. Most of all it seems he does not like birthdays; not the ‘cake’, ‘balloons‘ or ‘presents’ that attends them. Yet could this all change with what might be released from one of the presents? Is it possible that a new arrival might make Gus go ‘POP!’ 
As we watch proceedings and get to know Gus a little, it seems unlikely. Thereafter, it seems as though Gus is very set in his ways, and most unlikely to welcome any change!
Therefore, how will he take to ‘bath-time’, ‘hide-and-seek’ or even ‘hugs’? Is it possible that Gus might soften and behave more accessibly? Then again, what might happen if SAUSAGES are on the menu?
This is Gus is a charming tale of an old dog, set in his ways, suddenly challenged in his behaviour. Yet it’s also about the respect necessary for any newcomer to show. Rather like I Always Wanted One we have a ‘dog’s’ eye view, a glimpse into the hinter life of our canine companions. We empathise with Gus yet also hope that he will welcome our narrator into his life. Chris Chatterton paces his picture book story perfectly, with Gus’s stoicism proving a witty travelogue throughout. Thereafter, the tropical coloured pages and big, portrait style pictures are so expressive. What a picture book treasure!


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