This Is How We Do It


We are moving into an exciting stage in the evolution of non-fiction picture books. Publishers are  responding to the growing interest children have in accessing appealing information books of quality. ‘This Is How We Do It‘ is a quality, appealing and really informative picture book. It compares and contrasts the lives and activities of seven children from seven different parts of the world. The choices of children and region are not predictable. There is so much to fascinate, read and return to in this title.

I like the way the category of comparison is shown across a double page spread, allowing the reader to really look into the differences and similarities and make judgements about the reasons for these, e.g., why is Ribaldo’s home made from wooden planks while Kian’s appears to be a built up stone apartment? The categories selected for comparison are interesting too, from the expected, such as homes, to the less predictable, such as dinner time rituals, play time games, or  individual children’s responsibilities.

The illustrations, are bold, clear, yet colouring pencil subtle, situated in enough pastel toned space, within clear typescript font, to allow the reader time to take time over this book. While a global, ‘mom’ noun is included in this American title, British children are experienced enough to make a relative comparison fluently in their reading.

‘This is How We Do It’  is a gentle conclusion, reminding us of our similarities,  a special and meaningful title that children will read and return to with fascination.

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This Is How We Do It

Matt Lamothe


This Is How We Do It is a mesmerising comparison of the lives of seven children from around the world. We look and compare what they eat for breakfast. Thereafter, where might they go to school? Who is in their family? What captivating and necessary reading! Furthermore, we are able to expand the comparisons to our own lives so that we have some sense of our individual processes. Where might we sleep? Might we have chores such as a number of these children?
The selection is wider than expected, largely because the title is Italian in origin. Therefore, the different children are from a wider geographical spread than usual, without United Kingdom or North American representation. It means that we are broadening our views and experience. Finally, there is such a treat as we read on toward the end of the book. For, who are these children? Maybe we thought it was Matt Lamothe using his research skills to give us approximate responses. Therefore, the chance to meet the subjects is genuinely exciting.
The success of the title prompted an activity book This is How I Do It of the same quality and depth. Bookwagon is delighted to present and recommend this series.


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