This is My World


Nine year-old Nicole attends an American style school in Cairo, Egypt, and loves Sham Elnessim, the day after Easter Sunday when Egyptians celebrate Easter. However, eight year-old Jenisha’s journey to her school in Kathmandu, Nepal, takes an hour, to an hour and a half by bus! Where she lives has six seasons, unlike almost anywhere else that we visit in This is My World.

Eighty four children from around the world contribute to this book.We learn fast, informative facts, alongside a little about their homes and families, foods they eat, and games they like to play. We learn about how and where the children learn, as well as their hopes and aspirations.

The photographs provide a lot of information to learn from and compare alongside that which the children share. This is My World is a superb book, which offers children rich opportunities to consider their lives against those of others from all around the world.

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This is My World

Meet 84 Kids from Around the Globe

(Lonely Planet Kids)– hardback

This is My World, eighty four children offer. Each child shares his or her location, home and family, education, interests, diet and hobbies. We begin with Ada in Istanbul, Turkey who explains that her favourite place to visit is ‘the Basilica Cistern… built in the sixth century and provided a water filtration system for the Great Palace of Constantinople and Topkapi Palace’. Thereafter, we turn to seven year old Agatha who lives in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Cycling, skiing, boxing and iceskating are popular pursuits in  Kazakhstan.
While the subjects are ordered alphabetically, and the information requested the same, the responses and photographs are very different. It seems that we go from one child who shares a room with her grandmother and four siblings, to another who lives in a boarding school! What’s more the ambitions and pursuits are so very different. We wonder at how one child in Cambodia might have ambitions to play in a volleyball, just like another in Kazakhstan!
This is My World is a really fascinating snapshot of lives around the world. There is so much to learn, consider and understand. Reading books like this help us to recognise each others’ hopes, difficulties, choices and routines. This book, like This is How We Do It, is a necessary addition to home and school library shelves.


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