This is Not a Polar Bear!


This is Not a Polar Bear! However, he could be a friend. After all, it’s your lucky day. It seems this gift is a one of a kind, a furry pal who might be so much of a presence as to have you ‘topple off your chair‘. However, he’s also a ‘jiggle bear. A wriggle bear’ and then ‘A trying- not- to- giggle bear’! Then again, he’s a ‘bubble bear. A double bear‘ alongside ‘A get- you- out- of-trouble bear.’ 

Who wouldn’t like a friend like this one?

Alongside neon bright illustrations, full of movement and episode, we’ve rich rhyme full of pulse and imagination. All of it means that This is Not a Polar Bear! is a delight to read aloud, recite together, look over and come to know well. Bookwagon is delighted to welcome This is Not a Polar Bear! aboard.

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This is Not a Polar Bear!

Barry Timms & Ged Adamson

(Nosy Crow)

Hip Hooray! A lucky day! It seems there’s someone to meet you. What’s more, This is Not a Polar Bear! It might be ‘most unusual/ and very, VERY rare. It might be big and furry…‘ but then, it’s any one of many bears, from a ‘roller‘ variety, to a ‘stroller‘ and ‘playing the viola’ kind. Then again, it seems this bear’s a ‘record- breaking- jumper‘ sort, not to mention ‘a bouncing- off-your bumper‘ number!
Bookwagon delights in the words and pictures of Barry Timms and Ged Adamson separately, including through works such as The Elephant Detectives, for example. We love the way they each create picture books that tempt readers to re read, compare and enjoy anew. For example, we’re ‘astonished’ by this creature, this ‘acrobatic- diver‘ and ‘locomotive- driver’, while being convinced there’s something more.
Alongside a palette of neon colours, across which this ‘not a‘ gift soars and performs, we’ve movement and white lit backgrounds. Then again, we’ve the joy of realising the exhilarating possibilities of this treasure, alongside the warmth of a growing friendship. After all, wouldn’t you want to join a ‘save-the-world- together’ sort of pal? One whom you come to love and realise is truly AMAZING? Bookwagon loves and recommends This is Not a Polar Bear! for reading aloud, closely and often.


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