This is Owl


This is Owl, but before we begin you may want to turn off the sun and draw in the moon. Thereafter, it seems that Owl needs a little help in closing in on a beetle on his twig. Let’s tilt the book, but carefully! What will happen if we can’t find Owl? Maybe other birds will arrive who assume they’re Owl?

What if there’s another Owl and our Owl is engaged in something with which he needs help? Can you fetch some twigs? What might Owl and other Owl be hiding? It cannot be….

This is Owl is absolutely engrossing. Libby Walden and Jacqui Lee have created a perfect storybook for sharing, laughing over, wondering upon and cherishing. Through inviting readers to engage, and further, by building a sequenced story around Owl, we are completely invested. There is such originality and delight in the varying page sizes, disappearance of Owl, appearance of new curious characters, and our need to  participate. Bookwagon loves this book and recommends it highly to our youngest readers and their families.

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This is Owl

Libby Walden and Jacqui Lee

(Little Tiger Books)

This is Owl, someone very special whom we must awaken when we start the book. He needs a tickle. However, Owl’s nocturnal, so we must ‘clap three times’ to ‘switch off the sun’. Thankfully, we can ‘draw a moon’ that we can see Owl’s home and what’s interesting him. It seems it might be a beetle. Thereafter,   maybe we need to ‘flap the pages‘? However, we’ll have to flap them just the right amount so that Owl’s not in danger of falling away! Take care! What happens thereafter, if we cannot find him, and maybe once he’s recovered he’s engaged in an activity that might need our help?
This is Owl is a curious, fascinating activity book that is perfect for sharing.Thereafter, it is part of a beautifully constructed series, that also includes Harriet Evans’ This is Frog. It seems that Jacqui Lee’s illustrations, alognside the whimsical but informative text, draw us into the story. They mean that readers need to participate because we’re building the story, building meaning. Altogether, Bookwagon understands why this book, highly recommended to our youngest readers, is a Book Trust Storytime Winner. Finally, Bookwagon is proud to welcome it aboard!


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