This Tree Is Just for Me!


Where can Jack find anywhere that he might read in peace and quiet? Might there be a tree that fits the bill? Is it possible that should he find one, it will be peaceful? Or might there be a menagerie of visitors that disturb Jack and cause him to declare This Tree Is Just for Me!

It seems that while Jack quite enjoys hissing with a snaky visitor and snapping with an alligator, he’d prefer his book. Then again, swinging with a monkey or snoozing with a sloth, is very tempting. However, there’s a book to enjoy! However, what happens when it seems every animal possible arrives and wants to play? Might it drive Jack to shout? Then again, to regret driving all his animal friends away? Is there a way that Jack might enjoy their company AND his book?

Bookwagon loves the imagination, rhyme, rhythm and storytelling imagination of Lucy Rowland’s This Tree Is Just for Me! Then again, its’ wistful, colour rich, active pictures from Laura Hughes are so inviting. We suggest that this is a book to read, recite, know well, share and love.

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This Tree Is Just for Me!

Lucy Rowland and Laura Hughes


This Tree Is Just for Me! After all, Jack’s sought somewhere to read away from ‘this racket’, a ‘small, quiet nook‘. So what happens when the branches shake? It seems that roaring with the large, orange striped visitor who’s joined him feels very good. However, Jack’s ‘reading his book’! Then again, what if ‘snapping’ is called for when a second visitor arrives? Might Jack need to let him know that he really can’t play?
It seems that there’s a third hissing visitor, before others arrive, just hanging around. What’s more, that’s not the end of it? Could there be a menagerie determined to lure Jack away from his reading? Then again, does Jack want to be alone, really? Is it possible his book might be shared?
Bookwagon loves the rhyming picture books created by Lucy Rowland, most recently, A Hero Called Wolf. Not only are her stories so enjoyable, just calling to be shared, loved and known, but their pictures are ripe with joy and adventure. In this title, Laura Hughes, of the beautiful The Forgettery is the illustrator. Bookwagon recommends This Tree Is Just for Me! to our readers.


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