Three Pickled Herrings


Emily Vole, Keeper of the Keys, is settling into life in the shop at Podgy Bottom, despite private worries about her human form, in contrast to her fairy housemates, and possibilities she may be left behind, again. Into a world of Buster heckling, fish paste sandwiches and knitting, falls Doughnut, the dachshund, key witness to the remarkable disappearance of Sir Walter Cross. Only Buster’s Aunt Lettice can possibly understand ‘dog’ and she’s up to her neck in a pre-wedding catastrophe at the home of Pandora Smith. What’s going on? It’s a case for the Fairy Detective Agency!

This series is unrelenting fun, with twists, turns, ingenious word play, and real attention to detail. The second book in the series offers many laugh-out-loud moments to grip readers growing in confidence and engagement.

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Three Pickled Herrings

Wings & Co The Fairy Detective Agency

Sally Gardner, illustrated by David Roberts


‘Three Pickled Herrings’ is the second in Sally Gardner’s  ‘Wings & Co‘ series, an entertaining, unpredictable set of stories, recommended for readers aged from 7 or 8 years of age.


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