Thursday – War of the Waterslides


Thursday – War of the Waterslides is the fourth book in the hilarious and action-packed Total Mayhem series, starring intrepid hero Dash Candoo, an ingenious problem-solver, with fantastic friends and a bottomless backpack of brilliant gadgets.

Dash and his friends Rob and Greta have got used to strange days at their school, Swedhump Elementary.  When their (invisible) principal, Mrs. Rosebank, announces that the school has a special guest: Ms. Aqualine, the owner of the new Aqualina Water Park, the excitement (and weirdness) levels reach a new height.

A day at the world-renowned Sniffsonian Museum is also in the offing, including the opportunity to enter a waterslide design competition!  Dash, Rob, and Greta enter the competition and soon are slipping and sliding… but right into a mystery!  There is more to this water park than splashing about in the water.  There’s something very evil going on, and Mr Sniffy, director of the Museum seems to be strongly involved. It’s going to be a bumpy ride!

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Thursday – War of the Waterslides

Total Mayhem 4

Ralph Lazar


Thursday – War of the Waterslides is the fourth book in a totally bonkers and very funny series by Ralph Lazar, illustrator of the excellent Rory Branagan books.
Once again 11-year-old Dash Candoo is rudely interrupted when he is having breakfast.  Alerted by his KB-15 watch to nearby danger – the unwelcome presence of Wrestle-Scallywags.  Yet again, Dash has to defeat them in battle, and quickly!  Dash can’t wait to get to school, not least because there are bigger mysteries to solve.
A visit to the Sniffsonian Museum is in the offing.  But why is the Director of the Museum, Mr Sniffy, behaving so strangely and in a secretive way? The museum is running a fabulous competition to design a new Waterslides and Dash and his friends can’t wait to take part.  However, it seems that the Wrestle Scallywags are determined to disrupt the day at the museum, but why?
Never fear, readers.  Dash Candoo is on the case, it’s all in the course of another mystery-solving day of our hero.
Ralph Lazar’s new series is shaping up to be one of the funniest (and silliest) in recent memory.  His illustrations are the perfect companion for the wild and wacky story.  One of the best aspects of this book is that there is an accompanying on-line almanac.  Here readers can find many more of Lazar’s illustrations. The almanac is available here.
The first and second books in the series, Monday: Into the Cave of Thieves, and Tuesday: The Curse of the Blue Spots are also available in the Bookwagon on-line store.


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