Tibble and Grandpa


Although Mum warns Tibble that Grandpa needs time, Tibble is impatient. It seems that Grandpa is always gardening. After six and a half minutes of waiting, Tibble makes a selection of Grandpa’s top three sandwiches. While they eat, he asks after Grandpa’s top three jellyfish. Shortly, they’re drawing them before playing with Tibble’s top three trains.

Could Grandpa need time with Tibble on one of his top three days out? Might he need to look into the stars and wonder at his top three, while thinking of the person whom he misses? Somehow Tibble knows.

The relationship between our two main characters is loving and beautifully realised. Furthermore there is such empathy and inference; Tibble seems to know how much Grandpa is hurting and care that he might help. Thereafter, Grandpa realises that there’s a grandson who offers him hope, joy and a lot of love. Tibble and Grandpa is perfectly realised in the esteemed hands of Wendy Meddour and Daniel Egnéus. The text is wry and loving and inviting. Meanwhile the pictures cast long shadows, with rich overlays of meaningful colours, that develop into splashes of spring and deep, open night skies. What an outstanding picture book.

Shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Medal 

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Tibble and Grandpa

Wendy Meddour and Daniel Egnéus


Tibble and Grandpa are not speaking, or rather the child speaks but the adult doesn’t hear. Mum says to give him time, but the granddaughter is impatient. Could sandwiches help? Maybe she needs to make the best, top three sandwiches. Then, as they are eating, might it help to ask ‘What are you top three jellyfish?’ Possibly Grandad could help the child draw them, and maybe, then he might appreciate time drawing trains, too?. Thereafter, ‘What are your top three zoo animals?’ Might Grandpa respond, maybe with ‘What are your top three days out?’ Could it be that time with Tibble is what he needs? What is happening in Grandpa’s head and heart?
The outstanding team who created Lubna and Pebble return with a truly empathetic and considered picture book. We read through Daniel Egnéus’s shadows that lie across Grandpa. We see him feel hope in his time with Tibble as he joins and plays with ‘Tibble’s Top Three Trains’. There is so much inferred in the interaction between the pair. Furthermore, we watch as Grandpa unravels before he shares his love and heartbreak looking into the night sky with Tibble. Tibble And Grandpa is a perfect, wonderful, necessary picture book for all ages.


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