Tickle My Ears


It’s bedtime for Little Rabbit. He’s cleaned his teeth and his pyjamas are ready. Perhaps if you clap your hands, he’ll put his pyjamas on! What about helping him hoppety-hop into bed and thereafter tickling his ears, rubbing his back and tucking him in?  Don’t forget, not too tightly!

Thereafter, it’s time to turn off the light, but don’t forget to give Little Rabbit a goodnight kiss!

Gently, we interact anew with Little Rabbit at bedtime, checking through his routines, while comparing our own. Tickle My Ears is an entrancing, participatory reading experience for our very young readers that we love and recommend highly.

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Tickle My Ears

Jörg Mühle, translated by Catherine Chidgey

Illustrated by Eva Eriksson

(Gecko Press)– board book

Tickle My Ears or maybe turn Little Rabbit around first! It seems that it’s late and ‘Little Rabbit must go to bed‘. He’s all ready having ‘brushed his teeth‘. Look! His pyjamas are ready. If you ‘clap your hands‘ Little Rabbit will put on his pyjamas! `However, before he climbs into bed, you’ll need to ‘fluff up the pillow’! Perhaps you could help him hop into bed and then settle him with a blanket, a stroke and a good night kiss? Don’t forget to turn off the light!
Like Bathtime for Little Rabbit and Poor Little Rabbit! the interaction with our hero is delightful. We get to settle Little Rabbit after a busy day. It’s quite different from the playing he demands in Let’s Play, Little RabbitFurthermore, there’s an opportunity for very young readers to realise Little Rabbit’s routine as compared to their own. Maybe they like having their backs stroked too? Certainly, Little Rabbit’s soothed by this. Then again, Little Rabbit needs a bedtime story. Thereafter, what would we choose to read to Little Rabbit.
Bookwagon welcomes Tickle My Ears into our collection of perfect books for our very young readers.


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