Tiger Days and the Midnight Foxes


Tiger Days is overjoyed to be returning to stay with May Days, at Willowgate House. Her grandmother’s skew whiff home, and African animal tending background, are intriguing. There’s so much to investigate, learn about and imagine. The boy next-door, Tom, is a willing and able accomplice too! This time there are sounds at midnight, disappearing socks and an absent Holly Days. ‘Tiger Days and the Midnight Foxes‘ is just right to grip newer readers.

Bookwagon loves ‘Tiger Days and the Midnight Foxes‘, recommending its gentle, nature series highly.


Tiger Days and the Midnight Foxes

Sarah Lean

(Harper Collins)

Tiger Days is excited to be returning Willowgate House. There’s bound to be more wildlife exploring and adventures. Something else is afoot that’s a little scary, with glowing eyes and a liking for stripy socks! ‘Tiger Days and the Midnight Foxes‘ is the second of a splendid animal adventure series.


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