Tiger Days and the Secret Cat


Tiger Days is nervous about spending time with her grandmother May Days for she barely knows her. After a lifetime in Africa working with animals, May Days has returned, restoring ‘skew-whiff’ Willowgate House, and taking on local zoo animals in need of care.

Tiger Days and the Secret Cat‘ introduces us to our heroine, and to the setting and characters as she learns about them. From May Days, to Tom and Grumps, to the baby warthog, each intrigues Tiger and us. There’s also a secret cat, with a question mark tail, to discover…

The ‘Tiger Days‘ series is an ideal selection for newer readers. It is busy, caring, fascinating and interesting. We are delighted to introduce it to Bookwagon readers.


Tiger Days and the Secret Cat

Sarah Lean

(Harper Collins)

Tiger Days is visiting Willowgate House, the new home of her grandmother, May Days, returning from Africa. Tiger doesn’t know her grandmother very well and is nervous about staying with her in her ‘skew-whiff’ home. However a range of discoveries, from neighbours, to a baby zoo animal, to a secret cat, distract and intrigue. We are proud to introduce newer readers to this rich series, opening with ‘Tiger Days and the Secret Cat‘.


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