Tiger in a Tutu


Tigers are not permitted to attend ballet class. Max watches disconsolately, longingly, until he feels the urge to dance! Grand jetes, pas de chat, plies, pirouettes… the streets and river of Paris empty. Nobody sees Max as he dances, culminating in a grand balance atop the Tour d’Eiffel!

However, somebody is watching, somebody who can transform Max’s life. She takes Max’s enthusiasm, shoes his feet, outfits him properly so that Max is ‘Tiger in a Tutu‘. He is prepared to dance before a Parisian theatre audience! Are they prepared for him? A ‘Tiger in a Tutu‘?

This beautiful picture book is inspiring, funny, wild and romantic. We love it. All Bookwagon readers would adore ‘Tiger in a Tutu‘.

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Tiger in a Tutu

Fabi Santiago


All Max wants to do, is dance. Yet tigers are forbidden from attending ballet class. Without the shoes  the tutu, or the audience, he dances unseen through the streets of Paris-plies, pirouettes, pas de chat…. What if there is someone watching? What if she could make all the difference to this ‘Tiger in a Tutu’? This is a beautiful story of dreams, difference, friendship and acceptance. 


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