Tiger Lily


Tiger doesn’t listen. He doesn’t like being told off at all. When he unravels all of Penny’s knitting and eats all the strawberry cupcakes, he hides and won’t say sorry. Now he’s going WILD! ‘Come on Lily, let’s run away and have some fun!’ calls Tiger.

Lily joins Tiger in the wild, ‘stomping and jumping and making a mess.’ It’s all great fun until Lily begins to feel hungry and finds her snack, and the map, have gone! What to do?

This is a fun book about taking responsibility and opportunity. Gwen Millward’s naive style crayon drawings fit the mood and energy of the story. There are ample opportunities for young readers to ‘read between the lines’ and make considered inferences. We recommend ‘Tiger Lily‘ for bedtime reading, and as a home reading selection.


Tiger Lily

Gwen Millward


‘Tiger is very naughty.’ said Penny. And it is true. He draws Lily into some awful scrapes. From disappearing strawberry cakes to unravelled knitting, Tiger creates chaos. Then he hides, and won’t say sorry, so is sent to his room! What happens when Tiger decides to do something really naughty? What happens when Tiger and Lily go WILD?


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